Pastor Don Wolan

Pastor Donald Wolan
Downriver Christian Community Church
Melvindale, Michigan

Monday, July 8, 2013

Old School!

Once again, I find myself swamped by invitations to high school graduation parties. Young people from the church, as well as those from the surrounding area, who were fortunate to have made it through their senior year of high school are now enjoying the fruits of their labors. Parents send out invitations to friends, families, neighbors, and coaches, inviting one and all to come and celebrate their children's momentous occasion of graduating from high school. To all families, this is a special event and closes a chapter in their children's life of many years of toil, joy, and excitement. The event is celebrated with a sorrow that a season of life is over, but it is also celebrated with a hope for what the future may hold for their children.

While thinking about these graduation events, I couldn't help but reminisce and contrast the thought of being an "old school" Christian music lover versus those who enjoy the "new school" brand of Christian worship music. These are descriptive terms used today by many people to describe an old way of thinking or doing things opposed to the supposedly "new and better" way of thinking or doing things. For example, the term "old school" is used many times by sportscasters to describe a current tough player who is not into all the frills and thrills of the modern game and plays the game with team first and his personal accomplishments last. These players are not interested in making the highlight reel of ESPN, but in winning championships and leaving behind a championship legacy!      

In the Christian world of music, I always compare "old school" musicians with "new school" musicians. A product of the 70s, 80s and 90s, I grew up during a time when Christian musicians pursued excellence in their musical writing and singing. I loved listening to Phil Driscoll, Don Francisco, Keith Green, 4 Him, and many others who led the way for today's contemporary Christian artists. When one of their songs came on the radio, listeners could immediately tell who the artist was! They were not out to be molded into a popular format or sound in order to sell CDs or sell out concert halls. Instead, they all had distinct sounds and messages that translated into a  ministry full of anointing and power. I'm not saying that all Christians recording groups today don't have the same vision, depth, or anointing, but I am saying that much of today's "Christian" music is lacking the depth, anointing, and differentiation that made Christian music and musicians identifiable by their sound or voice. Listen to the following music videos for a small contrast of what I mean between "old school" and "new school" Christian music and the "anointing" behind it.


(Mark Hogan look alike in concert)

Many groups today bring a very distinct and anointed sound and message that challenge the world or compel listeners into a deeper sense of God's presence. The problem is that they are usually not the popular sound we so often hear on "Christian" radio. I know that taste in music is a personal choice. Everyone has different tastes. But, in my opinion, there is no comparison when it comes to "old school" versus "new school." I have no doubt in my mind which music moves me and causes me to bow before the King of kings and Lord of lords in adoration, wonder, and awe! In my mind, school's out!

Stay Holy, My Friends!

Pastor Don