Pastor Don Wolan

Pastor Donald Wolan
Downriver Christian Community Church
Melvindale, Michigan

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mueve te!

Monday, March 14th established the official starting point for Downriver Christian Community Church Tepic, Mexico Mission Trip. Each year in June, Downriver Christian Community Church sends a small team of "missionaries" to Tepic, Mexico for various work and outreach projects. The church has been traveling to the Tepic area for over five years and has been working hand-in-hand with a local pastor and his wife in establishing a Bible-believing church for the people of that area. The overall mission of the trip is to assist the local pastor in building his church both numerically and physically. We have seen many great things accomplished by God during those times and are excited to once again travel back to the area for further work.

All throughout Mexico, Central America, and South America, there has been a mighty move of God's Holy Spirit in the last few years. In those countries, a hunger and passion for the "real" Christianity and the ministry of God's Holy Word have developed! These countries have a long history of being within the "Christian camp," but many times have lacked any real knowledge and life changing experiences with God. All that has been radically changing over the last few years. Bible-believing churches have sprung up all over these countries and have begun to transform the face of their respective nations. From the people to the economic and governmental structures themselves, Christianity is on the move! 

In the next few months, the "missionaries" will undergo intensive preparation and training for the different circumstances they may find themselves in. They will also prepare themselves for the numerous opportunities of presenting the Gospel to all they may encounter. It promises to be an enjoyable time once again. As the team prepares for their mission, may we never forget the commission Jesus has given to each one of us. He told His disciples in Matthew 28 to go into all parts of the world and preach the gospel! At Downriver Christian Community Church, we take His command seriously. Whether it is to a foreign nation or locally, we all have a responsibility to heed  Jesus' command to GO! So, mueve te!

Pastor Don

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