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Pastor Donald Wolan
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Melvindale, Michigan

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Don't Know!!!

I don't know about you, but when someone gets sick or is seriously injured, most of us would call a doctor to treat the sickness or injury. We place tremendous amounts of faith in and resources at the disposal of these men and women to help us in our physical aliments. A good doctor is someone in whom we have deep trust and respect. If we had a doctor who didn't know the answers to our questions or the proper treatment for our problems, like Dr. Caldwell in the above clip, we would soon search out another doctor to take care of us or our loved ones. It would be inconceivable, foolish, and possibly fatal to place one's complete trust in an incompetent, uninformed doctor whose loyalties are divided between the post office and the medical field!

Many Christians are seeking help from spiritual Dr. Caldwells and are finding out the hard way that these pretenders are not providing what they really need. Recently, I picked up a magazine from a supposedly orthodox Christian organization that was dealing with the issue of commending homosexual marriage both for its leadership and membership. The article, which was written by those opposed to homosexuality, made references to the Bible and many other sources for its condemnation of the church organization sanctioning the practice. The article was signed by those who were adamantly against what the church wanted to do and were stating the reasons for their opposition. The argument and reasons were well written and stated and provided the reader a well thought out Biblical reply. What caught my attention, however, were the names and titles of the signers of the letter of dissent. Many of the names were those of women who had the titles of Elder or Reverend. Now the reason I found this so interesting was the fact that the Bible does not sanction women as "Elders" or "Reverends"! 1st Timothy and Titus lay out the Biblical requirements for governmental leadership in individual local churches, and the responsibility ALWAYS fell on the shoulders of a man! Now the reason I bring this observation up is not to discuss the controversial topic of women in church governmental roles, but to illustrate the importance of not deviating anywhere from the authority of the Scriptures!

If a church group or organization ignores the clear Biblical teaching in one area and decides for themselves what is "proper and correct," all other Biblical areas of teaching are now open to be ignored or challenged. Eventually, the historical and Biblical orthodox teachings of the church will crumble and fall like a house of cards! This particular church ignored the clear Biblical teaching about only men holding these particular positions and sanctioned women to enter into these roles. Now, the very women who violated Biblical authority in the first place by moving into these particular roles are now trying to use "Biblical Authority" to keep others out of other Biblically-defined roles. The problem in all this, as I already stated, is once Biblical authority is breached in one area, every other area will now be open to attack and the whole dam will eventually give way and spill out!

It should come as no great surprise to any of these women that their objections will be dismissed and ignored. This church organization will continue to ignore "Biblical Authority" and decide for themselves what is proper and right in their particular organization. If it was done once in order to ordain these women to the ministry, then the allowing of open homosexuals in the ministry and congregation should not come as a shock to anyone. I'm sure if any one of these women were pressed to respond to and give Biblical justifications for the decisions this organization makes, their reply - like Doctor Caldwell in the short video - would be...I don't know!

Stay holy my friends,
Pastor Don

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