Pastor Don Wolan

Pastor Donald Wolan
Downriver Christian Community Church
Melvindale, Michigan

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Aint Nobody Got Time for That!

A picture is worth a thousand words. Anyone who has seen a photo of Bob Cassady in a suit from the 80s would know what I'm talking about. This old saying was obviously true prior to the golden age of movies and videos where now multiple pictures bring an act or story to life. With the advent of motion pictures and video, today visual scenes can leave us grasping for words to adequately or accurately describe what we just witnessed on film. Watch the following video from a "Black Friday" store sale and see for yourself if you can find the correct words to describe the scene or the people involved!

I must admit I was left speechless after watching the above video taken by a security camera in a department store on "Black Friday."  As people pushed, shoved, yelled obscenities, kicked, and grabbed others' presents or trampled on those who fell on the floor, I could only wonder where are we headed as a nation. Imagine for a moment if we were struck by a disaster that made Hurricane Sandy pale in comparison. What would be the reaction of most people? Sadly, recent headlines tell us that the homes that were destroyed or damaged by Sandy were being looted over Thanksgiving Day.  Black Friday has turned into Free For All Friday.

Look sat some of the other headlines from the Drudge Report last weekend:
  •  Customers Run Over in Parking Lot
  •  Man Bitten in Walmart
  •  Men Steal Boy's Bag Outside Bed Bath and Beyond
  •  Woman Busted for Throwing Merchandise
  •  Rampage
  •  Thousands Storm Victoria Secret
  •  Gang Fight at Black Friday Sale

Whatever happened to the days of old where people stood in lines quietly, patiently, and well-mannered, waiting for businesses to open their doors to the public for business to greet everyone with a Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday? Nowadays, people don't take time for that. It's get through the door regardless of who gets stepped on or hurt and get those deals that will never come back. Forget all sense of decency, decorum, and compassion. Forget about any sense of fair play or sportsmanship. Forget about wishing anybody any Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday salutations! Have we as a nation forgotten what this season is all about?

As followers of Christ, may we celebrate this wonderful advent season as a time of reflection on God's precious gift to all mankind in His son Jesus Christ. May we follow God's example by giving gifts to others as tokens of our love for them and our desire to see them blessed. May we truly adhere to the scriptural admonition that says,"it is more blessed to give than to receive."

As the world continues to debase and secularize this memorial season and incredible historical event, may we as children of God illustrate to the world, through our humility and good will, what this season really is all about. May we be witness to the grace and mercy of our Lord in a world bent on getting what they want no matter who gets hurt or in their way. May we also keep Jesus as the real reason for celebrating the season. Let's all make time for that.

Stay Holy, My friends!


 Pastor Don

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