Pastor Don Wolan

Pastor Donald Wolan
Downriver Christian Community Church
Melvindale, Michigan

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Nutty Professor!

College Life! It used to be when students went off to college they were being prepared for a career, a calling, and a contribution to society for its betterment. Parents worked long, hard hours and extra jobs while saving every penny in order to give their children a chance a making something better out of their lives. Few children had the resources available to them years ago to complete four to eight years of education. Most students went into the work force or the military since college was a pipe dream they would never experience. However, if a student had the resources to attend college, most universities prided themselves in giving the student the best education possible. Education was the ticket out of mediocrity and would open exciting new doors of opportunity and advancement toward the American dream. Professors prided themselves on adherence to strict academic standards and discipline all the while cognoscente of the responsibility entrusted to them by parents. But something drastic began to happen on college campuses and in classrooms over the course of the last 100 years. It began slowly, but built up steam like a runaway locomotive, wrecking everything and anything in it destructive path.

Professors began to see themselves not only as dispensers of vocational knowledge and direction, but also as evangelists of various and revolutionary political ideas that they believed would transform the world into a unimaginable utopia. Since these professors saw themselves as elitists who understood the world much better than the "average Joe," they set out to create a world fashioned in their own images. Over the years, these professors gained incredible influence not only on college campuses, but also their acidic and unrelenting influence spread like a cancer through the political, educational, and cultural landscapes. Instead of strengthening and supporting the ethics and values that most parents, churches, and societies taught dogmatically to their children, professors criticized, undermined, and ridiculed traditional values and beliefs and introduced foreign ideas that found young minds eager to listen but slow to think! A close inspection of almost any college environment and curriculum today would prove to any honest inquirer that political indoctrination, not education, is the order of the day!  

Recently, on the first day of the school year, a professor at Michigan State University was videotaped in his classroom by a student recording the lecture for further study. When the professor launched  into a political diatribe, every word was captured by the marvels of modern science and placed onto YouTube for all to watch. His lack of tolerance and respect for other political views illustrate the hypocrisy common among academic types who espouse tolerance and respect only for their particular viewpoint. The amazing thing about this professor's rant was the fact that he teaches a creative writing class and not a political science class. New students arriving for their first day of class, expecting syllabuses and information about what the classroom material and course entails, were treated instead to a "nutty professor" routine that made the Jerry Lewis character seem normal, hip, and non-threatening in comparison. Watch the following video for what passes for education in many college classrooms throughout the country today.

The education of children is an aspect of life that has long been recognized by secularists and elitists as a key element in the creation of a particular kind of society. Abraham Lincoln is quoted as saying, "The philosophy of the classroom in one generation will become the philosophy of  government in the next." Unfortunately, the society many have in mind is devoid of Christ, His holy law, or any type of influence by Christians. Having successfully neutralized and marginalized Christians in education, the modern day education establishment has built its secular tower of Babel and defend it with a zealous righteousness that would put most Christians to shame. As Christians engage in a cultural and religious battle royal, we must continue to push back against this Philistine onslaught and retake the strongholds of the culture back from the enemy. There is no neutrality in education - a religious viewpoint will always be presented, whether openly or covertly, with the seeds of its destructive power planted ready to be watered and nourished by others with similar viewpoints. May we continue to raise up a generation prepared to recognize and challenge these "nutty professors" no matter where we may encounter them or the threats we may face. Like Shammah who stood alone bravely in a lentil field against a hoard of Philistines, may we stand strong, defiant, and assured that God will fight for us, even against nutty professors!

Stay Holy, My Friends!

Pastor Don

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