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Pastor Donald Wolan
Downriver Christian Community Church
Melvindale, Michigan

Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Doctorate in Absurdity!

Question: What happens when you cross a pig with California Governor Jerry Brown?
Answer: Nothing! There are some things even a pig won't do! 

If you think that some of our politicians couldn't possibly get any worse in their personal and professional lives or enact sweeping legislation devoid of any reason or common sense, it's time to think again. Governor Jerry Brown of California just lowered the bar of lower expectations. On September 30th, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law in the state of California a law that allows non-physicians to perform abortions in the first trimester of pregnancy! This new law was not only signed by the Governor, but it was also passed in both houses of the state legislature with overwhelming support. Also supporting and hailing the passage of the bill was the champion defender of safe, legal, and rare abortions - Planned Parenthood.

For years, we have been forced fed the liberal mantra of safe, legal, and rare in order to enact and justify abortion as the law of the land. However, now we can rightly dispense with all pretenses of "concern for the mother's health." Many of us were never taken in by the left's pious-sounding platitudes when the topic of abortion was discussed in the public arena, but a vast segment of Americans still feigning empathy for young women with "unwanted pregnancies," clamored for "humane laws" that would protect these "victims" from the back alley butchers. Forget about the back-alley predators preying on young, gullible, and defensiveness women, the predators have been welcomed into the abortion clinics with open arms and with the blessing of the state politicians and the California Medical Association. We don't need no stinking doctors.

Amazing to me is the fact that the new law was backed and pushed forward by the California Medical Association. This group is comprised of physicians and health "professionals," who - according to the organizational history listed on the group's website - will: Confront the challenges of rampant quackery, epidemics of contagious disease, and a desperate need to establish standards for the profession, physician leaders of the time called upon their colleagues to help them form the Medical Society of the State of California (as it was called back then) "to develop, in the highest possible degree, the scientific truths embodied in the profession." 

What a bunch of hogwash! I guess allowing "clinicians" - whatever and whomever that term may describe - who have been trained for a couple of weeks in preforming abortions are now medically competent enough to preform this relatively "minor surgery" and are fully supported by the CMA and their professed vision and mission statement. Prior to this law being enacted, only licensed "doctors" could perform an abortion because of the great medical and psychological risk associated with the procedure! Forget all that, we are now being told that this is such a "minor" and "safe procedure" that "doctors" - with all their training and schooling - can stand idly by while someone with very minimal training can do their job as well as they could. Talk about creating new jobs and stimulating the economy.

As I thought about this new law and the support it had from Planned Parenthood, the California Medical Association, most of the legislators, and every leftist or progressive supporter, I wondered why these groups would support such an idiotic and dangerous law for women. Weren't these groups looking out for the safety and welfare of women like we had been told ad nauseam over the years? Of course, the answer to that question has always been apparent to anyone with an ounce of intelligence. Abortion, in case you did not know, has never been about a woman's right to choose or about making abortion safe, legal and rare. It has been about the control of certain groups of people and about making MONEY. Margret Sanger, Planned Parenthood's founder, made no bones about her desired purpose to see legalized abortion the law of the land in order to control certain minority groups. Read her history and the history of Planned Parenthood if you want more information about this infamous, bigoted, genocidal elitist group.

Depraved mankind will always make laws and behave contrary to the expressed will of God because - like Adam and Eve - mankind wants to be like God - establishing their own standard of what constitutes good and evil. The further a society slips away from God and his holy standard, the more the profane will become the acceptable and the unimaginable become the common. When a society begins to allow and sanction non-doctors to perform serious medical procedures is there any other outrageous en devour that politicians will not keep their hands off of or allow?  Is the day when the patients run the asylum now upon us? Calling Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, and Dr. Howard - you're needed in Emergency - NOW!

Stay Holy, My Friends!

Pastor Don

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